Red jasper can be touched and held with fiery passion. The stone’s fiery red colour is a sign of delicateness, but it also screams strength. The stone is closely related to the root chakra and is filled with grounding energy.

Red jasper meditation reminds us to believe in our inner strength, no matter what the circumstance. It gives you the strength and determination to achieve your goals. It feeds your soul, and it renews your passion for living.gemstones near me

Red Jasper’s Physical Properties

Jasper is a cluster or aggregate of microgranular quartz, cryptocrystalline chalcedony, and other minerals. It is an opaque silicate crystal and can be found in many colours, including red, brown, green yellow, and blue. Iron (III) inclusions within the stone produce the red-orange, brick-red shade of red jasper.

Jasper is hardy at 6.5-7 and has a smooth, glassy appearance. Jasper is used as an ornament and gemstone. Jasper is also a great material for making vases and snuff bottles.

Jasper is a durable and hard stone but can still be damaged. To keep your jasper stones’ sheen and appearance, you should only use warm soapy waters and a soft cloth. It should be dried completely. It should be stored in a sturdy case.

When you are playing sports, or engaging in any activity that makes you sweat, it is best to avoid wearing jasper jewellery. Jaspers absorb liquid easily because they are porous. To preserve the colour of your stone, you should clean it immediately if it becomes dirty.crystals and stones

Red Jasper’s History

The Greek word iaspis, which means “spotted/speckled rock”, is the name of “jasper”. Red jasper is unique because it has only one colour. Other jasper varieties have multiple colours and patterns.

Jasper is a symbol of power and abundance in some cultures. The Minoans made seals from jasper, while Ancient Egyptians used it as jewelry. Red jasper can be found all over the globe, including in deserts in Australia, Brazil, the rainforests of Brazil, the moist sands in Madagascar and even the wildlands in the USA.

The Lore of Red Jasper

Since ancient times, red jasper has been a stone of healing. It is used by scribes and magicians as a talisman. Red jasper stones were worn by warriors to protect them and to heal them.

According to Vikings history, Siegfried (or Sigurd), the Dragon Slayer used red jasper as a weapon. This was to make himself stronger, increase his courage, and defeat monsters. According to the Bible, Aaron, the first high priest ornamented his breastplate using jasper stones.

Red jasper was used by Native Americans to revitalize their health and to stimulate spiritual rebirth.wholesale bulk crystals

Red Jasper’s Metaphysical Properties

Red jasper is a popular choice for comfort. The stone is known as the “stone of endurance and nurturing” and can help you to feel more confident. This stone can help you to regain your motivation and inspiration when you feel mentally or physically exhausted.

Consider red jasper your compass. It will direct you on your way to success so that you can keep going with your quest for greatness. You will be guided by its fiery power. It pushes you forward and improves your mood, emotional stress, clarity of thought, self-confidence, and mood.

Are you experiencing a lack of activity at the marriage bed? Red jasper promotes sexual expression and increases sexual energy. It can be used to spice up your sex with your partner and ignite your love for one another.

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